Oh Come On! Peeing Robot makes a Perfect Manhattan


March 4, 2013 by thisisemilypaul

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Really? Really?! You know American men just make me sick. Just keep filling the stereotype guys, you just keep digging yourselves deeper, fine by me (you know I hear kissing a Norwegian is like kissing a new born polar bear cub. I’m going for it). But really this has just gone too far. A robot mixing a Manhattan and dispensing it through tiny penises? I mean shit, even if it wasn’t some vulgar attempt at humor, it still doesn’t garnish your drink for you.  Get back to garage and make some improvements, use that GED for shits sake!

The most interesting thing about this retarded waste of time is what the cherubs are modeled after: the Manneken Pis. Whose ‘History and Legends’ section of its Wikipedia page seems to include something about dressing the statue up in tiny daily costumes. It’s fucking weird. But not as weird as American mens’ fascination with making stupid stuff.

One thought on “Oh Come On! Peeing Robot makes a Perfect Manhattan

  1. amrenegade says:

    you need to be writing for a magazine or something. you too acute and funny to be just a blog. i’m sending out your resume and a sample piece. tomorrow.

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