Animated Loops of Looping Animations: Brilliant or Stupid? Stupid.

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February 27, 2013 by thisisemilypaul

Freelance illustrator/animator Lisette Berndt or ‘Thoka Maer’ makes these looping animations.  Now, I’m about to rip her a new one. Why the hell do you have two names? I mean what the fuck, you’re too amazing to just use your real name? Your work is so profound you have to become someone else to do it? Get over yourself, you make looping animations or GIFs of repetitive actions. You think your the first one to think of a GIF of someone eating? You know Lisette, at first I liked these little animations. I like childish art. I like when things are playful and clever. But guess what? The more I looked at your little animations the more pissed I got. Even if they were executed well (which they are far from) they would still be sprung from a terrible idea. They remind me of that idiot girl in art class that thinks that her work is so cutting edge and that she is making a statement by rolling around in the mud and blackberry bushes naked with her eyes closed. It’s just so pointless and annoying. And usually I LOVE pointless art. Maybe it’s just the fact that you have an alias for such shitty work that ticks me off. I mean why bother. God you’re so annoying.

Jeeze I really just got pissed over this shit. Kinda feel a bit bad, hopefully she has a tough skin. But really can you blame me? Don’t you hate them as much as I do? And what do I care?

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