OMG Marta! You’re Bleeding!!

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February 24, 2013 by thisisemilypaul

mkls--MK--ET--lemur--webGlass artist Marta Klonowska makes these insane sculptures out of shards of glass. She must be crazy not to mention bloody. I can’t even pick up a broken pint glass without getting cut (but usually I just run down the alley after I smash it and don’t even try to pick it up. I stole it from the bar anyway.) The cool thing Marta does is fashion her sculptures from animals in paintings by famous dead guys. Way to get by Marta without plagiarizing! Is that a thing with art? Plagiarizing? Nah I guess not since in school they make you copy the masters work (I know, I went to art school, for writing). Anyway Marta Klonowska is killing it with these prickly pieces (get it? prickley? BAHAHAHAHA! I need to get out more). Now if I only knew how she handles/packs/ships them. They probably would get confiscated at the airport.  What do we have here? Oh that’s just a glass shard monkey I made. I forgot it was in this purse. I’m going to have to take this Miss. mkls--MK--ET--lemur--detail-head--webmkls--MK--ET--lemur--detail-foot--webmkls--MK--ET--lemur--detail-tail--webmkls--MK--ET--hare--left-side--web_0mkls--MK--ET--hare--detail-head--web_0mkls--MK--hare--installation--webmkls--MK--hare--print--komplett--webmkls--MK--Marquesa-de-Pontejos-07--webmkls--MK--Marquesa-de-Pontejos-05--webmkls--MK--Marquesa-de-Pontejos--print--webmkls--MK--pekinese--installation--web_0mkls--MK--pekinese--glasswork--web_0mkls--MK--pekinese--print--webmkls--MK--venus-and-adonis--installation-02--web_0mkls--MK--venus-and-adonis--dog--webmkls--MK--venus-and-adonis--print--web


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