Barfarama: Babies Yawning

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February 18, 2013 by thisisemilypaul

Dude babies are like the stupidest thing ever. I mean come on, they’re so dumb they shit in their own pants. But I decided to post this video anyway for two reasons:

1) Can you watch this video without yawning? I yawned three times the first watch and then twice when I was actively trying not to yawn during the second watch. Terrible self control you say? You’re absolutely right. Today I went into a toy store and bought all the stuffed animal horseys. I’m 26.

2) There are not just babies in the video. The best part is when a tiny hedgehog yawns. Its all like “Ahhhhhhwwwweeeeeeee” with its teenzy hedgehog mouth. WTF is a hedgehog anyway?

But of course the video has to end with something so sappy and idiotic that we all feel connected to everything in the world and everything is so circular and blissed out and we just play a small part of this amazing web of zen and I think I’ll go do some yoga. It ends with an unborn baby yawning in one of those scratchy black and white ultrasoundgarden thingys. It’s retarded.

Kinda regretting posting this.

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