Snurk Bedding. WTF?

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February 17, 2013 by thisisemilypaul

Astronaut_WEB_RGBI have no fucking clue what the hell Snurk means, but I do know they make some pretty sick duvet covers. If you don’t know what a duvet cover is you must be an idiot with a really dirty comforter. Do yourself a favor and order one from Snurk. I have no idea how much they cost though because all the prices are in Monopoly money (euros?) on their website. The only downside is that the coolest one, the astronaut, must only be for kids because it only comes in a teensy size. But that works for me because I still sleep in my race-car bed from elementary school. I’ll be a race-car driving astronaut AND I’ll be asleep. Full blown awesomeness, you’re gonna be so jealous. Start your engines……blast off!


Snurk_035_TBob 2topshot_Ollie_RGBTrampoline01_WEB_RGBtrampoline_SN_069_RGBPrinses_WEB_RGBprinses_sfeerfoto_RGBSnurk_077_Tclochard+trotoirSnurk_085_TSnurk_301_TEw. This last one looks scratchy and probably smells like old cheese.

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