We’re Painting on the Same Page Siobhan McBride

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October 19, 2012 by thisisemilypaul

Artist Siobhan McBride paints scenes full of eery mystery and forgotten sentiment.  Her pieces usually depict an indoor space full of someones living but minus the subject, giving them an unsettling feeling of absence.  In the artists words,

“I have come to think of my paintings as views of a place where magic reveals itself differently than it does in this world. The scenes are tense with anticipation or blushing in the aftermath of an unseen event. Paintings combine disparate yet familiar fragments into spaces that are still, anxious, and temperamental. They are descriptions of awkward experiences, passages from books and film fragments, things caught in the corner of my eye, and an attempt to conjure slippery memories. They are, simultaneously, diagrams for understanding events from the past, and puzzles to decode experiences not yet had. I hope the work is strange and suspenseful like the excitement of exploring a new place, and the thrill of knowing you are drifting back into a frightening dream.”

Tilted perspective and cool tones really accentuate the feeling of place in her work.  I’ve always thought that a space defines a person just as much as their actions or words. The items we surround ourselves with will always reflect a part of our personality and character. Siobhans’ work reminds me of my college thesis where I painted objects in the studio apartment I lived and worked in for my last few years as a student. Her work is both inspiring and intimidating.  To create a sense of space instead of just painting a still life of inanimate objects takes an eye for spotting those tiny nuances of everyday life. She does an amazing job.

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