April 6, 2012 by thisisemilypaul

Street artist Paige Smith has created a new project entitled “Geode” where she sculpts crystal like pieces out of paper and then sticks them in alcoves across the LA area. They’re pretty neat looking, but I have the inkling that if I came across one I would want to smash it. Don’t you think that would be fun, to flatten out all the little peaks? Maybe I’m just a destructive person; I do like to throw my cocktails into crowds and pull flowers out of peoples yards.

2 thoughts on “GOOOOOLD!

  1. […] like this notion of visual residue. It makes me think of a post by Emily Paul on her blog Things and Stuff About Things that shows a bunch of pieces by L.A. artist Paige Smith. Smith’s public art project […]

  2. […] me, art is about having a visceral reaction to things – I get Emily Paul’s response of wanting to smash those pieces in LA. I kinda want to crawl inside of them, myself. Maybe it’s […]

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