Shit You’ll Poke Yer Eye Out! Mexican Pointy Boots

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April 5, 2012 by thisisemilypaul


I thought this was a joke the first time I saw these photos from Alex Troesch and Aline Paley. I mean just look at those pointy boots. Apparently the Mexican pointy boot trend is all over northern Mexico and worn by crews who want to impress others with the length and pointyness of their boots. Oh Miguel your boots are so long and pointy, you must be long and pointy in other places, oh!  The insaneness started when someone asked a boot maker to modify a regular pair of cowboy boots to impress judges in a dance contest. It always starts with dance contests!!! Seriously though, I wouldn’t mess with on of these ese cuz, fuck, you might get a boot in your eye. On the other hand I bet they are easy to beat in a foot race.

Oh and here’s a related video with a 10 year old stripping in it.

Hahaha! OMG I almost choked to death on my own laughter!


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