Art on Pie Tins, What Could be Better (Besides Pie)?

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December 23, 2011 by thisisemilypaul

Idan Friedman (get it? fried man?!) is an artist that does portraits on aluminum pans, you know like what you use to bake anything in when you’re too lazy to clean up after? He calls the series “Ordinary People and Disposable Objects”.  Apparently the portraits are of people that are a part of his everyday life (yeah they look pretty damn ordinary).  Interesting juxtaposition of people that play an important role in his life pictured on things we throw away after cooking a turkey in them.  Now the real question is if we take one of the pans and cook banana bread in it will the portrait come out on the bottom of the bread or do we have to use a flaky crust like with cherry pie to get a good imprint?  I’ll let you guys buy the artwork and experiment yourselves.

See Idans flickr page here.

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