Mark Hall-Patch will Paint Your Clothes


November 25, 2011 by thisisemilypaul

Oh gosh, just the other day I was hanging up my favorite jacket and I thought “this jacket is the most beautiful jacket ever” and now today I come across an artist that can custom paint a picture of my lovely jacket! On Ephemeral Friends Etsy shop, watercolorist Mark Hall-Patch (awesome last name Mark!) has a bunch of paintings of clothing hanging on handsome wooden hangers as well as a listing for custom work.  All you have to do is send him a photo of your favorite top/jacket/dress on a hanger with a white background and boom, he paints it and you get a little painting.  I gonna get a bunch and hang them above hooks by the door, that way I can yell at my boyfriend when one of his twenty black puffy jackets makes it onto the space reserved for my white wool double breasted knee length ruffle collar coat which goes on the hook to the left of my houndstooth oversized button pea coat.

Anyway I think Marks paintings of jean jackets are worth the $110 price tag, and if your dad need a gift this holiday season you can get him a painting of his bowling teams uniform too.

See Ephemeral Friends shop here.


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