Marc Johns…Will You Marry Me?

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November 5, 2011 by thisisemilypaul

Marc Johns is an artist/illustrator (as well as my future husband) that incorporates clever captions into his drawings.  He’s quite hot at the moment with lots of hipsters getting tattoos of his work (I almost did but I’m a commitmentphobe).  I own his book “H is for Holy Crap” and it’s awesome, he is awesome, I love you Marc Johns.

His style is one of those that I desperately wish to steal.  I wish I had thought of making silly drawings with silly captions. I want people to get tattoos of my clever pieces. I WILL MURDER YOU AND TAKE YOUR PLACE MARC! I guess I’m trying to say he inspires me.  Here are a bunch of his works on paper.  He also works on post-its, cardboard, and mouse traps.

See his blog here, where you can buy signed prints, books and other stuff. I’m so depressed I’m not him.


Aaaaaaahhhh my eyes are burning with too much good art!




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