Painting with Watercolors is Hard, but not for Tristram Lansdowne

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November 1, 2011 by thisisemilypaul


We’ve all seen the beautiful soft landscapes by watercolor artists.  The clouds in the sky are defined but blurred and the sloping hills are blended greens and yellows, ahhhhh so serene.  But watercolorist Tristram Lansdowne takes the hard approach.  The only way to describe his painting style is crisp and urban.  With so many freaking velvety landscapes out there, his work stands out magnificently.  His use of negative space is amazing and there isn’t a stupid watercolor splash or drip anywhere.  His subject matter is interesting and challenging.  I find myself drooling over his focused, detailed corrugated fence and tiny paned windows.  Anyone who can paint graffiti in watercolors is a God.  YOU’RE A GOD TRISTRAM!

And right here is where you can find this watercolor ninjas website.


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