OMG What did you do to Starlight?! My Little Pop Icons

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October 27, 2011 by thisisemilypaul

My Little Ziggy Stardust


Mixed media artist Mari Kasurinen has transformed the always loveable My Little Ponies into My Little Pop Icons.  This is what she has to say for herself on the topic,

“These famous icons, superstars, are presented to us as examples, ideals, even as authorities.
My Little Ponies were a perfect basis for my sculptings. Gender free objects made of plastic and fake hair.
A lot of nuances to play with and no boundaries.”

Um HELLO, My Little Ponies are REAL, and everyone knows Applejack is a boy pony and Flitter Flutter is a girl, they are NOT gender free.  How do you think the species manages to stay around for so long if they don’t bone each other?! Jeeze!

Differences aside, I love My Little Ponies (tragically I sold most of mine at a yard sale when I was eleven so I could buy a stuffed animal seal and I’ve regretted it everyday since) and Maris’ take on them is clever.  She does a great job transforming them with everything from paint to custom made outfits.  All in all a job well done Mari but I would NEVER do this to my precious ponies!

My Little Gaga


My Little Michael Jackson


My Little Chewbacca


My Little Stormtrooper


My Little Bride


My Little Monroe


My Little Andy Warhol


My Little Frida Kahlo


My Little Edward Scissorhands


My Little Mad Hatter

To see the whole collection go here


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