No More Inky Hands; Watch Shaped Post-Its

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October 25, 2011 by thisisemilypaul

Ever wake up with “get dog food” written backwards on your face? I have, and it wasn’t because I fell asleep with my shoes on at a party.  My mother always said that writing on the back of my hand would give me “blood poisoning” but here I am years later and all it has done is give me mirror images of my shopping list on my face when I fall asleep with my head on my hand.  Well now there’s a solution; the watch shaped post-it note.  Write your reminder on the post-it, peel it off the pad and wrap it around your wrist where you’re sure to glance down at it every time you get a paper cut along your forearm.  Or just draw a clock face on it so the time is always 4:20 (4:20 maaaaaannnn!)

Despite my sarcasm I believe this is a genius invention and would totally buy them if I knew where.  But it seems that you can only get them through some frenchy website which I lost the path too while wandering the world wide web.  Oh well.  I think it was like $13 for a stack of 100 watches ($13!!!! and they’re not even water proof!!).

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