For Your Fighting Fish


October 25, 2011 by thisisemilypaul

In college my only companion was Jacques my French speaking beta fish (I don’t speak French).  Tragically Jacques passed away a week before graduation, Jacques noooooooooooo.  But if he hadn’t I would have paid big bucks to get him this sweet hand blown bachelor pad.  Designed by psalt designs this awesome bubble fish tank is repeat awesome!  Right now they only have one size, for minnows or betas, but they are working on some large enough for gold fish etc (the goldfish in the photo is just for modeling, animal cruelty!!!) Looks like they’re made to order and they cost £295 (wtf is that thing before the 2? ahhhh I’m an ignorant American!) so like $470, shhhhhhiiiit.

Anywho, if you’re rich order your swimming pal one of these here.

One thought on “For Your Fighting Fish

  1. maxiecole87 says:

    Now I want a pet fish…

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