Finally Aesthetically Pleasing Installation Art


October 21, 2011 by thisisemilypaul

My experience in viewing installation art is that it is usually highly conceptual with an enormous artist statement that you must read that helps shape the way you view the art. And finally here is an installation artist whose work is beautiful without explanation.  Kjell Varvin creates mostly corner installations out of welded metals and other industrial materials.  His work references real objects but he uses abstract shapes to break up space.  His eye for 3D composition is astounding with every angle of his work looking finished and aesthetically pleasing.  Lack of color is replaced with interesting textures that can include torn paper, woven mesh, and repeating shapes.  All in all in photos his work is breathtaking I can’t wait to see it in person.


Too see many many many more go here.



3 thoughts on “Finally Aesthetically Pleasing Installation Art

  1. Zoë Taylor says:

    i dig this. where are you going to see this in person?

  2. Owen Ashley says:

    Installation art is actually cool sometimes. I like the utilitarian connotations, they all feel like a kitchen or a bathroom to me. The utilitarian and simple design contrasts the uselessness of the objects in a really nice way

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