Hate Book: The Most Awesome Thing

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October 13, 2011 by thisisemilypaul

There’s nothing I love more than badmouthing something or someone, and now there’s a friendly place to do it.  Hatebook.com is a website where anyone can write about something they hate and why.  You can even “me too” a post to tell everyone you agree with their hate.  A huge amount of posts are about spouses or partners, just people in general.  Looks like we hate each other the most.  But you can click on the “chapters” or tags and find hate posts about food, politics, school or pretty much anything. My favorite “chapter” is called “gross”, some real good ones in there.

But what’s better than reading everyone elses’ absurd rants? Writing your own!! I wrote one just for you, can you find it? (pssstt its under “stupid”) There is a list of simple rules you must follow, many that I agree with.  For instance you can’t write your post in all caps. I HATE THAT! And of course you can’t identify people or businesses (damn).  But go ahead and fill the whole blog with your post about your boyfriends ex or your hate of dolphins, there’s no limit.

Anyway here’s a few of my faves (the last one is the best):

“I fucking hate that my wife got and stayed fat. I hate that I was trapped into getting married with an unwanted pregnancy, and all the lies she told me leading up to “no way in hell will I get an abortion.” I hate that I have continued to take care of myself while she sat on the couch, played video games and got fucking enormous. Then I also hate that when I don’t want to fuck her it’s somehow my fault, even though the only thing I’ve ever done wrong is trust her. Fuck, I hate my life now too.” Sep 29 5:58 AM


“I.Hate.Broccoli. FAR OUT! it’s like THE worst food, that isn’t made of crap and unhealty. My parents make me eat it, and the bloody stalk of it as well! GOD it makes me want to throw up, I eat it in a few FULL mouth fulls so I just have to crunch and munch the disgusting beast, I feel all the little shoots in my teeth getting stuck and the flavour is on my tounge, GROOOSSS! After I swallow I immediatley wash my mouth out with my drink. There is no worse food then bloody..BROCCOLI.” May 16 10:35 PM

“I hate it when people say my husband is ugly. I hate that he doesn’t believe how gorgeous I find him. I hate those stupid people. He’s a better lay than any of you ever would be, i’m sure.” Sep 29 4:25 AM


“I hate shitting in the dorms. You go in there and are ready to unload like 5 lbs of shit and then some asshole decides to walk in. They sit there waiting to see who shits first and it ends up ruining what could have been a comfortable shit. Next thing you know you have to hold it all in and then you give up and lose and have to leave because it’s just so damn awkward. I hate that! It’s like “JUST TAKE A SHIT! EVERYONE DOES SO! SO DON’T RUIN MINE!” I hate someone ruining a good shit.” Jan 21 7:17 PM


“i hate my boyfriends ex-wife. she is literally the devil. she looks evil and has the ugliest haircut in the world. also i’m pretty sure she is a pathological liar and suffers from schizophrenia. she really needs a psych evaluation. she also has no life aside from stalking my boyfriend. i wish she would get hit by a car and die while someone videotaped it.” Sep 28 3:26 PM


“I hate when someone asks you how hou are and you give the perfectly acceptable standard social answer of “fine” or “good”, they say “JUST fine/good?” What the hell, Asshole? What do you want from me? I gave you the fucking password, didn’t I? Don’t be suprised when I tell you to fuck off – because you broke the social contract first.” Sep 11 1:09 PM


“I hate that my ass gets really itchy and I have to sratch it with a sock turned upside down on my hand, in order to avoid the smelly finger factor.
Yeah, you know you also do disgusting things” Feb 23 8:57 AM


And here’s the site where you can hate on anything, even me.





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