A Golden Glow for Morfiums ’12 Resort Campaign

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September 28, 2011 by thisisemilypaul

Skin cancer is totally worth the tan. TOTALLY worth it.  There’s nothing like a sexy lady showing some glowing skin, and that is exactly what Morfium has got going on for their spring/summer 2012 ad campaign. But we’re not here to discuss the clothing or the lengthy sun kissed limbs . I’m posting this for the makeup.

I could care less for their flowing Grecian gowns or their sopping wet model, but the golden illuminating eyeshadow that covers the eyebrows from the arch out is AMAZING.  Is it just me or does this heighten the models deer-like look? The only downside? I don’t think we can actually wear this ladies (at least not in Jackson Hole). Once again fashion has given us something to drool over but is not really wearable (on second thought, maybe New Years or Halloween).  Let’s reserve the highlighter for under the brow.

BUT let’s take note of the gilded inner eye contrasted with smokey black liner and tons of mascara.  Now that’s something you can wear out even to the Jackson Hole bars (probably only Koshu though).

Wearable or not we have to thank the artist and stylist that came up with this awesome look. Nice job guys.

To look at the whole campaign within which six foot greek sexpots stand/lie around looking wet and shiny, click HERE.

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