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September 27, 2011 by thisisemilypaul

Welcome to Things and Stuff about Things, where I dissect things and stuff about other things and stuff.  Where to begin? I guess I have to thank the lovely John Frechette for hiring me and giving me a job where I can write and update this blog, thanks John! And I might as well thank my wonderful boyfriend who told me this morning while I left for work to do something productive while I’m here, thanks Rich for keeping my brain active and my mind out of the celebrity gossip sites (but did you see what Jen Aniston wore in London this week?! Outrageous!!)

But now for a DISCLAIMER: if you know me and I know you I cannot guarantee that I will not include your fantastic and oh so interesting personality in my writing; AND furthermore I cannot guarantee that I will keep everything about you filled with sunshiny enthusiasm.  I may dip into rants that will make you feel mildly offended. BUT whatever I write about you, whether comparing your laugh to the sound of gutting an elk, or your style to that of a senile 85 year old homeless man, just know that I am a cynical, vain, and superficial person and remind yourself that you are above all that crap (you’re probably not though).


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