Ted Parker Paints Alcoholic Animals and Smiley Faces

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September 27, 2011 by thisisemilypaul


I often find artists that are doing the right thing by taking art into the less serious side of things, and Ted Parker is doing just that. I don’t know much about him (I think he’s from the Netherlands and he is a boy) but his art is easy to understand. UNLESS he’s one of those arrogant artists that make work that doesn’t need an artist statement but they write one anyway about how their art is about blah blah blah and then you like their art less because they had the audacity to turn something so satisfyingly simple into something that is supposed to mean something deep and intriguing about the human race or the world in general. BUT thankfully for us I don’t believe he is one of those stuck up idiot artists.

I always love a good smileyface, (with the exception of the stupid round yellow one) and I especially love them on faces that shouldn’t have such a cartoony grin. And not only does Mr. Parker endow his figures with absurdly flat smiley faces but his animals are also drinking and smoking, another one of my favorite images! Ahahahahaha that dog is on his way to lung cancer!!

I believe Ted is using watercolors here and he waits for each color or shade to dry before he applies the next.  This makes his color pieces extraordinarily complex but gives them such a wonderful 2D feeling, almost like cut out paper collage South Park style.

Do I have to say how much I enjoy the humor in these? No I should not have to. Check out is beautifully simple website (who needs thumbnails!!!) to see more of his work including a dude taking a dump while his date watches, and yes they both are sporting smiley faces.

Ted Parkers Brilliant Website


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